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"I am proud that I have been able to stand up and step into a leadership role. I have gotten to share my
personal story, be given the opportunity to public speak, and through CYC I’ve been able to come into myself."
-Charys, member-

"CYC has helped me to grow to be the person I am now. CYC has healed some things
that therapy could never do…It’s healed me."
 -Cassandra, member-

"CYC provides an opportunity to come together with people that are like me with similar backgrounds, and together we are changing the system so the people that come behind us don’t have to go through what we did."
-Allan, former member and current supporter-

"It’s my life and no one else’ life. I need to tell people what I need…what we, as foster youth, need.
It’s our life, we need to have a say in it. "
-Lazara, member-

"CYC has taught me to be involved and that what I have to say matters. My experiences matter."
 -Will, member-

"CYC is a great experience. It’s a place where you can be yourself, share your life and no one judges you. It’s amazing to be with people who understand your pain and joys. It’s not about me, it’s about we. "
-Clay, member-

"CYC is the family that my parents should have been and the state should have been.
Through making the system better, I have made a new family."
-Kevin, member-

"On the day I shadowed Assembly Member Beall, I got to sit up there with him as he voted [during a hearing]. It was a great experience because they treated us like equals and that they got our backs. It was a once in a lifetime experience."
-Joe, member-

"CYC changes your life. It made me focus more on “we” versus “me”. When I was in care, I was ashamed of being
a foster. But today, I know all of our past has made us who we are. CYC has really impacted my life-
it’s made me a stronger person."   -Feven, member-

"CYC means a place to advocate, a place to meet other fosters and a place to change. "
-Terrell, member-


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CYC Spotlight

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What’s Happening With CYC

CYC's Office Has Moved!!!

After 12 years in CYC's Mission Street office in San Francisco, as of May 1st, CYC's headquarters will now be in Oakland! Although we will miss San Francisco dearly, we will be across the Bay Bridge, exploring our new home in Oakland. Our new office is right off 19th Street BART and has plenty of street parking, so please come on by and visit our new place! Please note that that our address has changed but our phone number has stayed the same. 

5th Annual Culinary Inspirations Was a Success!

A HUGE thank you to the 250 people that came out to support CYC in our 5th Annual Culinary Inspiration's event in Los Angeles. The event took place on Wed. May 21 at the Olympic Collection in West LA. We have over 19 chefs participate in the event, 10 beverage sponsors and over 50 companies donate to our silent auction/raffle. A special thank you to our event sponsors: Barry and Wendy Meyer, Janet and Ian Teague, David and Jody Lippman, Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo and Gray Plant Mooty. We are so appreciative of everyone who supported the event. Thank you!

CYC's Annual Foster Youth Shadow Day!

CYC is proud to annouce that the 2014 Foster Youth Shadow Day was a success! The two day event which took place May 6-7th, in Sacramento, started with a Foster Care Select Committee Hearing. The following day, the 35 youth participants were matched with Assemblymembers and Senators. CYC members had the opportunity to shadow their legislators, learn about the legislative process and get to know their local legislators one on one. We are grateful for our event sponsors, community partners and multiple legislators that helped make this event possible.


Did You Know...

...that in 2000, language was adopted into the California state budget that states that "California values the input of foster youth into the development of child welfare policy and CYC is the vehicle to provide that input." This language establishes CYC as a central sustainable player in the development of child welfare policy in California and is a model for other states.



* CYC is a registered 501c3. All donations made to CYC are tax deductible.
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